Frequently Asked Questions

    Renuzit® General FAQs
    Q. Will there be any new fragrances coming out soon?

    Yes! Renuzit® brand will continue to introduce new on-trend fragrances. Watch our Website for upcoming fragrances within the line of Renuzit®  products.

    Renuzit® Cones FAQs
    Q. Why do the black cones cost more?

    The New Premium Black Cones have 25% more premium fragrance oil in the formula, which delivers exceptional scents specially formulated to fragrance your kitchen, living room or family room (or really any room you choose!)

    Q. Do the new cones work the same?

    Yes, the new cone works the same and will last as long.

    Q. How do I open the new cone?

    To open the new cone, (1) tear along the perforation on the bottom half of your cone. (2) Hold cone using both hands, one on the top part and one on the bottom and twist the top and bottom in the opposite directions. (3) As you twist, pull top part of the cone to expose gel.

    Q. Where can I purchase Renuzit® Cones?

    Renuzit® Cones can be found at major retailers across America and even globally. Visit our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

    Q. What would make my Renuzit® Adjustable Air Freshener melt or liquefy?

    This is referred to as syneresis and is the result of the Adjustable being frozen and thawed. The liquid will stain fabric and discolor hard surfaces. Wipe up spills immediately. The colorant is water-soluble. Wash affected areas with a simple water and detergent solution. Wash clothing separately.

    Q. What are Renuzit® Cones made from?

    Renuzit® Cones are made primarily from water and a renewable gellant from the ocean, and are fragranced with high quality perfumes to freshen your home.

    Renuzit® Electric Gels FAQs
    Q. Can I leave Renuzit® Gel Electrics plugged in all the time?

    Yes, it will fragrance the room while it is plugged in. There is no need to unplug it.

    Q. How do I know when Renuzit® Gel Electrics is used up?

    The product will look like hard dried out crystals.

    Q. Is Renuzit® Gel Electrics ok to use with the Glade® extra outlet?

    Yes, will fit if inserted properly. Glade® is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson.

    Q. Can I use Renuzit® Gel Electrics in my Glade® Plug In® product?

    Yes, it will fit if inserted properly. Glade® is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson.

    Renuzit® Scented Oils FAQs
    Q. Can I use Renuzit® scented oil refills sideways?

    No, the scented oil refills will not work properly if plugged in sideways. At some point the wick will no longer be in contact with the fragrance which would affect performance.

    Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® FAQs
    Q. Is Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Air Freshener safe on most fabrics?

    Yes, this innovative product is safe on most fabrics when used as directed. It is not recommended for use on silk and leather.

    Q. Do I need to break the plastic seal of the new Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Air Freshener prior to use?

    Yes, the plastic seal needs to be removed and discarded prior to use. The plastic seal prevents use prior to purchase.

    Q. Is the Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Air Freshener bottle recyclable?

    Yes. The bottles are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic. The bottles can be recycled as long as your community accepts them.

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