Snuggle® SuperFresh Original Cone

Snuggle® SuperFresh Original

Dash away stink and welcome in snuggly freshness with scents of clean laundry and bright floral notes. Make any room of your house SuperFresh, especially small spaces like bathrooms and closets, with Renuzit® Snuggle® SuperFresh Original air freshener cone.

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  • Renuzit® Snuggle® air freshener cone features the fragrance of nuggly freshness with scents of clean laundry and bright floral notes

  • Enjoy up to 3 weeks of nonstop freshness (per cone)

  • Use in multiple rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and bedrooms

  • Made with 98% naturally sourced gel

  • Easy to use with no batteries or outlets needed

  • Simply pull to your preferred fragrance level – pull all the way up for the most fragrance and twist down to decrease fragrance level

how to use renuzit

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  • Read all instructions before using this product
  • To reduce risk of injury, intended for adult use only and close supervision is necessary when used near children
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Proper storage and maintenance are important to using the product safely
  • Avoid extreme cold and heat

To Store

  • Close cone and twist to secure
  • Store cone in the upright position in a dry location that is out of reach of children and pets
  • Keep in a temperature-controlled space and avoid extreme cold and heat