Snuggle® SuperFresh Linen Escape Fabric Spray

Snuggle® SuperFresh Linen Escape

Dash away stink and welcome in snuggly freshness with scents of clean laundry and bright floral notes. Don't just mask the odors, eliminate them, making any room of your house SuperFresh, no matter the unmentionables, with Renuzit® Snuggle® SuperFresh Original.

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  • Renuzit® Snuggle® Fabric Refresher Spray features the Snuggly scent you love plus odor eliminating technology
  • Odor eliminating technology helps keep odors at bay
  • Safe for use on fabric, on everything from couches to curtains, bedding, clothes and carpet
  • Enjoy a long-lasting scent that leaves your home smelling fresh

How To Use

1. First, unlock the spray by rotating the nozzle clockwise.

2. Next, point the spray at the desired fabric, and pull the trigger.

3. Enjoy the refreshing scent of Renuzit® Snuggle® throughout your home!

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